‘When passion is missing, everything is missing. Nothing can be achieved without passion’.

Alberto Moravia

18th century

The love of exquisite gemstones and a passion for sophisticated pieces of jewellery has a long tradition at Hans D. Krieger. The family’s goldsmiths and agate and gemstone cutters are mentioned in the city registers of the jewellery town of Idar-Oberstein from as early as 1720.

19th century

Idar-Oberstein develops into one of the most important international jewellery strongholds in Germany. Craftsmanship and the trade in gemstones flourish. Hans D. Krieger is an important part of this impressive history of jewellery.

20th century

From 1935 onwards Hans D. Krieger focuses increasingly on diamond cutting, and from 1964 starts to make its own pieces of jewellery following customer requests. Exquisite creations with coloured gemstones and diamonds play a key role. The name Hans D. Krieger becomes a byword for the highest quality.

21st century

Today, Hans D. Krieger is one of the most important international manufacturers for exclusive diamond and gemstone jewellery in the world. Discerning lovers of jewellery across the globe place great value on the fine creations, which are always of timeless beauty.